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Root Canals

You may think you don’t want a root canal, but trust us — it’s better than the alternative.

Patients at our Santa Fe dental clinic need root canals when they have an infection in the root of a tooth.. This infection is often quite painful, so the sooner it’s taken care of, the better.


Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Most patients who need a root canal come to our dentist office complaining of pain, which originates in the infection in the tooth root.

Your tooth root contains nerves, and this is why it can be painful.

Infection can invade a tooth root in a couple of different ways. If your tooth is cracked, bacteria may get inside and make its way down to the tooth root. Sometimes a cracked tooth is painful, but at other times it isn’t, and you may not even know your tooth is cracked. You can crack a tooth without knowing it by eating hard foods, grinding your teeth or suffering a blow to the jaw.

Bacteria can also make their way down to the tooth roots through a cavity. The infection usually shows up as a dark spot on an X-ray.

Without the dental care you need, your tooth and your health could be at risk. If allowed to progress, the infection may destroy your tooth, requiring extraction. You will then have to decide whether to get a dental implant to replace the tooth — a much longer process than a root canal.

Additionally, allowing an infection to remain untreated can damage organs in your body such as the heart, liver and kidneys.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

Root Canal Illustration

Our dentists give you anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain.

He then drills through your tooth to reach the infection in the roots. The dentist cleans out the infection, disinfects the area and seals it.

Often, a root canal is a two-visit procedure, during which the dentist ensures that the infection has been eradicated. Each visit takes one to two hours.

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Compassionate Dental Care in Santa Fe

At our Santa Fe dentist office, we understand that our patients don’t always look forward to getting a root canal, but we do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable throughout your appointment.

Many patients have dental anxiety or phobia, and if you are one of these people, let our dentist know ahead of time. We want to ensure you are able to receive the dental care you need.

Once your root canal at our Santa Fe dental clinic is complete, you’ll feel just like your old self again. You will have no more pain and you won’t have to worry about infection or any associated ill effects.

If you are experiencing pain and think you might need a root canal, make an appointment today at our dental clinic in Santa Fe.

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