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Issues with teeth can cause a variety of problems, and sometimes the right answer is tooth extraction.

The patients at our Santa Fe dental clinic who need extractions appreciate the approach of our dentists and our entire team in keeping them comfortable throughout the procedure.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

The most common type of tooth extraction is wisdom teeth removal.

Also known as the third molars, these teeth cause trouble for many patients who do not have room in their mouths for wisdom teeth. For this reason, they are often positioned crookedly, and may even start to push other teeth out of position before they emerge. That’s why we like to keep an eye on the development of wisdom teeth with regular X-rays, and schedule wisdom teeth removal before problems start.

If the wisdom teeth are allowed to emerge, they can cause your other teeth to shift, ruining any orthodontic work you might have had done.

Our dentists usually recommend proactive wisdom teeth removal for teens and young adults.

Other Types of Tooth Extractions

The most common reason to extract a tooth that is not a wisdom tooth is due to decay or infection.

Usually a root canal is recommended to treat an infection in the tooth root, but if it is too far gone and the tooth is not savable, it will need to be extracted.

Similarly, when decay is caught early, our dentist can use a filling to repair the damage. More extensive damage might call for an inlay, onlay or crown. However, a tooth that is beyond these measures must be extracted.

Usually what brings a patient into our Santa Fe dentist office at this stage is pain. The reason the patient did not come in earlier is often due to fear of the dentist. While it may seem scary to have a tooth pulled, rest assured that the anesthesia our dentists administer means you won’t feel a thing. If needles or dental offices make you anxious, talk to us ahead of time about getting a dose of anti-anxiety medication to help you relax for the procedure.

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Replacement Tooth

If you need to have a tooth extracted that is not a wisdom tooth, you will want to consider getting a replacement tooth at our Santa Fe dental clinic.

Your options include a dental bridge or a tooth implant.

After our dentist extracts your tooth, you must wait a period of time for the area to heal before getting a replacement tooth. If you decide to get a dental implant, our dentist will examine you to see if a bone graft is necessary first.

A dental implant is a better solution than a dental bridge because an implant is more like your natural teeth, and it works to keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

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